Friday, 23 November 2012

Clarity is Key to Leadership

Great leaders always find a way that is not written down.

As we are now in the final two months of 2012, how clear are you currently as a Leader?

How clear are you on your market’s most urgent pains and problems?

Are you totally clear about why you do what you do?  It might surprise you but most entrepreneurs don’t have a clue.

What if as a leader you were to pick one thing that you have been putting off until now and put it in motion for the next two months?

Maybe it’s time to stop spending all your time switching and running back and forth between strategies and tactics and just pick one thing, understand it and apply it.

Why not do today what Outstanding Leaders do in small steps every day?

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Leaders Understand That They Become Who They Have Coffee With

Has 2012 been your best year yet?  If not, why not?

Where along the way did you get distracted?
Who has been in your company in 2012?
Have these people and acquaintances lifted you up or pushed your dreams down?

Many people who know me know that I am passionate about the people who are around me and in my company.  I learned that valuable lesson as far back as 2003 when I first met Jack Canfield in Arizona.  Jack asked me, who were the five people around me on a 24 / 48 hour basis?  He also asked how positive were they in my life?

I realised in that moment that:

  • You become who you have coffee with.

  • You become your influences.

  • You become the books you read.

  • You become who you have conversations with.

Are you around great thinkers?

Be careful, you will also become who and what you listen to...

And most of all be discerning about who you have coffee with.

It’s better to be in your own quiet company than negative company.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Outstanding Leaders Create Great Places to Work

Leaders who can inspire others to do great things in the workplace create great places to work.

It’s not good enough anymore to be an exceptional thinker as a leader, you need the ability to persuade and encourage your people to see the brilliance in your vision. 

Three important ingredients are needed to influence and persuade others.
  1. Trust  -  You have to be authentic in your words and actions.
  2. Every day in some small way articulate your vision and the values of the organisation.
  3. Consistently use conversation to engage and motivate people.
Communication is the glue that binds strategy and vision and creates a great place to work.  An outstanding leader knows that they are on their way to creating harmony and enthusiasm in the workplace when employees look forward to coming into work and not thinking roll on Friday when it’s only Monday morning. 

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